Detox Transforms Program Two

Step I: Regulate your body's pH balance and cleanse your digestive tract:

We recommend purchasing one sample pack of our support supplements listed below:

  • Alkaline Sachet Foil Packet
  • Release Colon Cleanser

please read the enclosed insert for instructions. You can consume your regular diet during the 3-day cleansing process. (NOTE: one sachet per day is enough to regulate the body's pH balance). On the first day of your cleanse take one Release to aid in cleansing your digestive tract.

Step II: Start your Signature Skinny Weight Loss Supplement:

On day four please begin the Signature Skinny weight-loss supplement that was included in your package, please read the enclosed leaflet and/or product label for instructions on taking your capsules. Be sure to consume at least 3 meals per day this will aid in increasing your metabolism. We recommend that you take one Signature Skinny Release, Assimilate, or VTOX daily until you finish the enclosed sample pack, full bottles of the weight loss enhancer products are available here.

Step III: Daily Body Care: ****(Coming Soon)****

The Signature Skinny Body Care and Beauty products will enhance your weight loss program and can be used daily to tighten, tone, and shed inches all over the body. Please read the enclosed insert for instructions on how to maximize your weight-loss regimen with the SIGNATURE SKINNY Bath Products and Slimming Lotions. The SIGNATURE SKINNY to Beauty Product Line is infused with 13 skin tightening & fat burning essential oils that continue to emulsify fat for 72 hours after use.

Step IV: Transitioning through the steps:

The 90 Days to SIGNATURE SKINNY Signature product line is comprised of natural fat blockers, and metabolism boosting slimming capsules. Our natural fat blockers aid in cleansing the fat from the foods that we consume, while removing the toxins from the body, and our slimming capsules curb cravings, boost the metabolism, and burn fat that is stored in the body our clients notice drastic changes in their clothing sizes in month 2 of our program.

Our team has developed a foolproof method which prevents metabolism adaptation. To ensure that you never reach a plateau we recommend that you progress to the next product in your program after 4 weeks (30 days/1 bottle) on a product.

Step IV: Which product do I start with?

Program #2 Starts with Signature SKINNY Indigo and is recommended as the starting product for Android & Thyroid Body Types. Take two Indigo capsules daily for 30 days (one month). Once you have finished the bottle advance to the next Signature SKINNY Weight-Loss product AMPD 3.0 or INSANE Amp'd.




INDIGO - Cleanses the digestive tract, spleen, liver, and reset the metabolism to prepare the body for rapid weight loss. Indigo also aides in blocking sugars and turning carbohydrates into fuel for the body.


EXTREME - Start this product after 1 month on INDIGO.  Extreme will reset your metabolism and increase your body's calorie burning rate.


AMP’D 3.0 or INSANE AMP’D - After months 1-2 you will have lost several dress sizes and it will be time to move to AMPD 3.0 or INSANE AMPD. Your body will be primed and ready and you will notice 10-15 lb loss in smaller time frames.


BTRIM - Like eXtreme, BTRIM will reset your metabolism and increase your body's calorie burning rate. You will begin to look like a different person, your rolls will decrease if not disappear.


AZURE - Your eating habits will have changed when you get to this step, but you will need to teach your body how to fight sugar absorption so AZURE is step 5. If your body does not digest or process sugars well you will love the results that you have while on AZURE Detox Capsules.


OCTANE** - OCTANE is our most powerful, potent fat burner capsule.  This product will cleanse the digestive tract, spleen, liver, and reset the bodies metabolism.  Your sugar cravings will be eliminated, and you will notice a difference in your mid-section.


INFRARED - INFRARED is a potent blend of bee pollen that will emulsify any excess fat that you have in your body, boost your energy levels, and promote RAPID weight loss. 



** Skip to this step if you have previously completed our program or if you have taken a prescription weight loss medications (Phentermine, Adipex, Phen-Fen, etc). 

Most individuals are at their desired weight when they reach the AMP'D 3.0 or INSANE AMP'D, for those that desire to lose more weight you can continue your weight loss journey with BTRIM, and finish off with INFERNO.

Tips/ Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do not skip steps: This will not increase your weight-loss results, each step works with your body through the detoxification process so you lose weight-faster.
  • Avoid Taking Multiple Capsules: The same results can be achieved by adding a weight loss enhancer, or a skinny body care product. Taking two forms of capsules can cause the body to reach a plateau faster.
  • Go Easy on the Salt. Sodium makes water retention worse, so cut back on salt both at the table and while in the kitchen. Avoid ready meals, cheese, dried meat, and sparkling drinks, as they all contain added salt.
  • Eat Plenty of Protein. Protein helps your body replace fat with muscle and aids drainage. Build Protein into every meal, in the form of eggs, poultry, lean meat, fish and low-fat yogurts and cheese, making sure that you limit the fat you use in cooking, by baking, grilling, steaming or dry-frying when you can.
  • Hydrate Yourself. Water is essential for flushing the toxins out of your system. Drink a minimum of 1.5L of water throughout the day, or tea, tisanes, soups, and unsweetened drinks. Water is best, however.
  • Limit Your Sugar Intake. There’s nothing like sugar for making you put on weight! Clear your cupboards of sweets, cakes, sweetened yogurts and other dairy products, and ice cream.
  • Choose carbohydrates for slow-release energy, with bread, pasta, cereal, dried vegetables, and potatoes, which will provide your body with energy to burn.
  • Add Sugar Blockers. Cinnamon is a natural sugar blocker, by adding a cinnamon supplement and/or an Alkaline Pack your body will regulate its ph balance and blood sugar levels. This will eliminate the sugars that your body craves.

What to expect:

  1. Increase Elimination
  2. Increased Urination
  3. Hot flashes
  4. Sweating
  5. Dry mouth
  6. Energy Boosts [with NO crash or burnout]
  7. Healing Crisis
  8. Appetite Suppression

What to do:

  • Reduce Coffee & Caffeine to ZERO
  • Drink a minimum of 8 glasses (approx 4 bottles) of water daily 
  • Take capsules 30 min BEFORE meals (after defeats the entire process)
  • Change your product every 2 months to avoid a plateau
  • Alternate between fat blockers and slimming capsules each product change
  • Eating is important! You still need to eat. Your body needs the calories as fuel for your body to burn fat

Maximize Success:

  • Take pictures weekly [front, side, & back]
  • Load them on the VIP network (it's private) to get positive feedback on your progress and see your body changing first hand.
  • Find the smallest & tightest outfit/pants/jeans you have, try them on weekly to see your progress.
  • Include a multivitamin + other supplements in your program
  • WATER WATER WATER!!! Key to Success!

Finish Line: This is the most important step to ensure that you keep the weight off, when you reach your desired weight you MUST move from two capsules daily to one pill a day for 30 days. This will reset your metabolism for the last time and allows your body to adjust to life after the pill.