The Detox Transforms Wellness Program focuses on the improvement in men & women's day to day lives in the area's of beauty, health and wellness. We Initially started out servicing clients that were in need of assistance while they embarked on their weight loss journey's; but we quickly found out that living in a happy and healthy body required more than just eating right, it was about a lifestyle change. Improving one area in life can directly and equally improve another. Hence a program was developed to enhance and enrich all area's of human development across the lifespan. Learn how to start off strong and maximize your success!

 Program Outline & Guidelines

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This program is recommended for all Gynaeoid and Lymphatic Body Types.



This program is recommended for all Android and Thyroid Body Types.


** Hypoglycemic/Diabetic/Resistant Body Systems follow Program Two.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't know your body type: