When ovaries become dysfunctional, they can produce an excess of estrogen, which causes more fat. This fat is deposited on “saddlebag” thighs, the lower stomach and the buttocks. The lower stomach fat usually shows up just below the belly button as a bulge.


  • Weight gain in hips, thighs, and buttocks, with a lower stomach bulge
  • History of PMS
  • Weight gain or bloating around that time of the month
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Cyclic fatigue
  • Cyclic brain fog
  • Cyclic pain in the lower back or hips
  • Cyclic pain in the knee
  • Cyclic lack of libido
  • Infertility
  • Hot flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Cyclic acne
  • Cyclic mood swings
  • Extra painful cramps
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding
  • Cyclic constipation
  • Cyclic thinning of the hair
  • Depression during the menstrual cycle
  • Cravings at certain times of the month


Fat starts to accumulate just below your belly button, because your estrogen levels are not healthy and have increased production in the body, causing fat to develop around the ovaries. Because your estrogen is responsible for making fat, the more fat you have, the more estrogen is created and your weight loss goals compete with this vicious cycle. You have difficult menstrual cycles with excessive bleeding and pain. And you get moody at that time of the month. As the stages develop for The Ovary Type, more weight is gained in the hip area. If you are going through menopause – you get hot flashes, night sweats, bleeding or dryness - and all of this can be related to ovary problems. You have cellulite – or cottage cheese looking dimples on your thighs and stomach area. But your upper body stays suitable and does not take on the same effect as your lower. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips, and you have a small waist relative to the rest of your shape. As symptoms progress, The Ovary Type experiences pain in the back of seat joints (like the tailbone area) and the lower back (either left or right). You crave creamy foods and dairy; like ice-cream, cream cheese, cheesecake, vanilla yogurt and those types of foods.


Sugar is a trigger for The Ovary Type which can lead to increased cellulite and the breakdown of muscle proteins. Sugar has a toxic effect on the body.


The Gynaeoid Type benefits from physical exercise and must flush the toxins from the body that are blocking natural fat burning. Begin by taking Signature Skinny Evolve, total body cleansing agent, and VTOX®; which he formulated as the first step to achieve healthy weight loss. For optimum results, take your body type supplement daily with 8oz of water, be sure to consume 3-6 meals daily (no skipping)

How to lose weight: 

The solution for this body type is done through a two-phase approach:

  1. Phase one: removes the toxins which are blocking key nutritional absorption, depleting energy reserves and increasing cravings
  2. Phase two: naturally "turns on the body’s fat burning hormones".

The goal of this program is to naturally get the body back to a healthy condition (on the inside first) and then optimize the body’s natural hormonal functions, to help it actually burn fat through the use of customized nutrition, probiotics, and sleep.

Results to Expect:

The stage of your body type determines your results at first, but this program is formulated and engineered to give EVERY body type the same results, regardless of what stage they are at!

Continue the fat burning stage as long as you’d like. Many people stay on the supplement formulas for years, which are also recommended, but not necessary if you follow a nutritional, sensible diet. 


  • Less Swelling around the hip area
  • Mood Swings start to go away
  • No cravings of sugar or vanilla products
  • Increased energy in the afternoons
  • Reduced female related symptoms
  • Greater energy, especially in the mornings
  • Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Less cellulite and more muscle definition
  • Thicker hair and vast skin improvement
  • Sense of Well-Being

You can continue our supplements for as long as you’d like. Many people stay on the supplement formulas for years, but it is not necessary. ***IMPORTANT NOTE: *** Once you reach your goal weight we recommend selecting Extreme or BTRIM Ultimate Boost and take one capsule per day for 30 days to avoid rebound.


Please Follow Program One to maximize your weight loss!!!  get-started-button.png