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A Body Type is a type of metabolism. We can recognize your Body Type based on your shape, because each Body Type has a its own special shape. But your Body Type has a more important reality. In fact, your shape is a signal of the type of metabolism you have.  Your Body Type comes from which of your four major glands is strongest in your metabolism. The body has four major glands/body types: the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland and gonads or sex glands. According to which of these glands dominates your system. 


Body Type Quiz

Female Body Types:

  • Thyroid Type (Thyroid)
  • Adrenal Type (Lymphatic)
  • Gonadal Type (Gynaeoid)
  • Pituitary Type (Android)

Male Body Types:

  • Thyroid Type
  • Adrenal Type
  • Pituitary Type

Men have only three Body Types, because in men, the Adrenal and Gonadal Types are combined.