Why am I gaining weight?

Why am I gaining weight?

I bet all of you wonder why, even if you start dieting, your weight just doesn’t want to go down. And no, it’s not because you’re “special”, “God hates you” or whatever your reason might be.. the simple answer is Water retention. - And besides the muscle gains that could happen for beginners [(and still impair WEIGHT) but not fat loss] let’s take a finer look at what happens to the fat cells once you start dieting. 

When you start eating at a caloric deficit, meaning that you’re now providing less nutrients to your body, for it to use its internal stores of energy, your fat cells start releasing fat for the “missing” energy not coming from your diet.

However, because these cells are VERY stubborn, they get refilled with water first, before saying the final goodbye.

It’s like a double check from your body which’s telling you “are you really wanting me to release this precious stored energy?” 

This means your weight could fluctuate alot and even go higher, freak you out more and make you quit, but you shouldn’t. I know how frustrating it is to see your weight either stall or go higher when you’re depriving yourself, but that’s just the way it is! 

You’re just one step further from finally losing the water weight which is literally MASKING your progress, and finally reveal your hard work done in the past weeks.

As always consistency is key. In everything.

Photo Credit: @pheasyque

Article Credit: @pheasyque


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