Vegan Summer Salad

Vegan Summer Salad

Today we will highlight this DELICIOUS Summer Vegan Salad from Twisted Pine Bakery!

Out of all the diets championed by health experts these days, veganism can seem like the most intimidating. The name almost sounds like a religion and perhaps that’s fitting: Many vegans cite ethical reasons for why they only eat plant-based foods. Values aside, the lifestyle can be a pretty big commitment: Vegans skip any animal-derived product, including meat, dairy, and eggs. This extends to foods processed with animal products, like refined sugar. Add up all of the dietary restrictions, and you have a nutritional plan that only the most committed people can sustain.

It’s precisely these reasons that scare some people off of veganism altogether. The good news? You don’t have to become a full-fledged vegan to reap many of the benefits of the diet. In fact, a growing number of health experts believe that simply eliminating meat and dairy for a few days a week can make you healthier.

So if you’re considering dabbling in Veganism, contact Lori Jones for meal prep, made-to-order vegan meals, and treats.  Check out her menu here:


Photo Credit: Lori Jones @Twisted Pine Bakery

Meal Prep Provided by Lori Jones @Twisted Pine Bakery