Lower your blood pressure naturally! - A Weight Loss Journey

Lower your blood pressure naturally!  - A Weight Loss Journey

Starting August 1st, 2019 I will share my meals, and workouts to aide individuals who are looking to lose weight and lower their blood pressure.


Earlier this year I called 9-1-1 because I experienced severe chest pains and weakness (I thought I was having a heart attack). When the paramedics arrived they took my vitals and they gave me a Nitroglycerin capsule because I was in Stage 4 - Hypertensive Crisis; which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. After HOURS of IV fluids, and medications to lower my pressures I was discharged and referred to a local doctor for a follow-up appointment. At my follow-up appointment, the doctor informed me that I have High Blood Pressure and that he would like for me to take 5MG's of Amlodipine daily. I left the appointment and filled my prescription and I came to grips with my new normal.

The next day I took one capsule, as instructed and I experienced horrible side effects: Swollen Hands, Feet, and Eyes. I alerted the doctor and he called in a new prescription for me to take. The next day I took the new medication and guess what!!! The same thing happened. This time my lips and tongue swole up and I had to go to the hospital where they administered steroids to calm the swelling. Terrified of the effects that the medications were having on my body I refused to take anything else without researching natural alternatives.

After a few days of research, I noticed that daily walking can help to lower blood pressure naturally. Excited I called my doctor with my findings and he stated that he wants me to begin my daily walks and record my pressures; we scheduled an appointment for me to come back in a week. Fast-forward to a week later the doctor looked at my logs and checked my pressures and he was impressed. My levels teetered between normal and pre-hypertensive.


After months of struggling with high blood pressure and the toll that it is taking on my body, I have decided to try to lose weight to see if that will keep my blood pressure in the normal range at all times.  

Starting Point:

Weight: 158lbs

Blood Pressure: 142/101

Measurements: Bust- 44, Waist- 30.5, Hips- 45

Week 2 Results:

Weight: 160lbs

Blood Pressure: 125/75

Measurements: Bust- 42, Waist- 29.75, Hips- 45

So far, I am up two pounds but I lost two inches across my chest, and half an inch off my waist. I also noticed that my blood pressure has dropped significantly. Even though I did not see the scale move in the right direction I am encouraged because my body is responding positively to the changes that I am making.

NOTE: If you decide to start your weight loss journey with me I recommend taking photos weekly in the same outfit so you can see the changes. *** Photos are important because you can see the changes even when the scale doesn't move. If I did not measure and take a photo last week I would be discouraged.***


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